Volunteer Program:

This is a program you need to pay for. (If you are not able to, please look further down at other options you have to contribute)

50% of your payment will go towards your food and accommodation here, while the other half will go towards our social upliftment program, mostly to sustain it through winter. Besides that we will train you to do trail rides, you will be part of our dream and vision and help financially to make a little part of the world a better place.

We tried to interest people for 10 years in horse rescue and animal owner education and have learned that our fellow humans need help first. So the framework is busy being build, but without funding we can’t sustain the dream to be the change we want to see. 5 kids twice a week will come to the farm and learn about horses (rescue horse rescues child), how to treat them, care for them and eventually ride. Each program is designed to last for 3 months. Then we need a contingency plan, as we can not teach the kids that there are other choices and their voices will be heard, and then just “dump” them again. We want to be able to always be there. Ideas that are building are

  • HIV awareness through sport programs
  • future jobs in horse or animal related jobs (even if part time)
  • excelled in the program a child can become an overseer of the next group.

However, all of this costs money. By volunteering by us, you would be part of maintaining the program going, without any personal gain for ourselves.

People that are not interested in volunteering, but donating, we actually don’t want cash. We could easily give you, for example, our T-shirt printers or vet account number, you can make a payment and you will be getting photo and social media updates. Travellers coming our way, why not bring a suitcase full of clothing that you don’t need anymore, drop it here by us, we will distribute it, while you take home your souvenirs and in SA bought clothing?! 


Black Horse Trails is a family run business. We are passionate about our horses and the love for animals is deeply rooted in our blood. Half the amount of the horses being used for trail rides are rescue horses.

We are situated in the Garden Route, edging onto Indigenous Forests and at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains.  The working environment is pleasant, but always busy and (as long as you make it) fun filled. You will be working max 5 hours for 5 days a week (that does not include your private riding time, nor if you offer to cook a meal)

This region offers our volunteers to travel short distances and experience adventures, both extreme and relaxed.

Black Horse Trails will ensure the following:

Safe accommodation

Food and exciting living environment


An experience of a touch of Africa

Transport for the program (transport available for excursions)


You need to be 18 years or older.

Horse-riding experience a definite.

Healthy and physically fit.

Prepared to work hard.

Must have love for animals!

Minimum stay 6 weeks.

Some of the daily routines include:

Feeding and caring of the horses 

Treating injuries

Riding and/or helping out on the trails

Leather care

Field management



Local Adventures in the area:

The following can be experienced during your off times (at your own cost)

Bungee jumping, Sky diving,Paragliding, Elephant parks, Canoeing, Whale watching, Swimming with seal, and many more

To apply, please contact: blackhorsetrails@yahoo.com


Andrea: 082 494 5642
Email: blackhorsetrails@yahoo.com
Alternative number: 063 178 8634 and 084 588 9369


From PLETT or Knysna's direction head west on the N2 towards WILDERNESS, 20km past Sedgefield and 3 km before Wilderness, just after the Caltex service station on the left is a turn off to the right HOEKWIL, take this road for 17 km, up a small pass, past Hoekwil town to BEERVLEI where you will see the Black Horse Trails sign.

From GEORGE or Mosselbay's direction head East on the N2 towards WILDERNESS, 3km after Wilderness on the left is a turn off to HOEKWIL, take this road for 17 km, up a small pass, past Hoekwil town to BEERVLEI where you will see the Black Horse Trails sign.
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