Our Horses

Allow me to introduce you to our four legged family members. There are 17 of them living with us here at Black Horse Trails (along with some Alpacas, a hand reared sheep and lots of dogs). You will be paired with one of our horses depending on your riding abilities, weight and character.

Have a look through their pictures and descriptions and if you see one that you would like to ride, feel free to let us know when you book!

For our beginner riders (and heavier clients)


Arab x boerperd
20 years old
Carries weight up to 70kg

Angel can make beginners feel safe and allows experienced riders some fun. She is sensitive, responsive and a very comfortable ride. She has no vices, but really issues with her personal space, so try to keep other horses off her backside.


(Stunted) Percharon

9 years old
Carries up to 100kg

Arthur is our weight carrier. He is build strong and therefore not the fasted. He is super reliable and will make our beginners feel safe. Unfortunately our heavier, experienced riders will have to ride him, too (and then show you that he tries to canter up the hills like our arabs do, but isn’t the greatest at it)

A sweetheart of note and has come such a long way, a rescue, with us since 2018.


17 years old
Carries up to 75kg

Haakim is one of a kind, we call him our F1 Snail! He will look after our youngest riders, but put an experienced rider onto him, and he will give you a good run for your money. (Battles with reoccurring tickbite fever, so is sometimes out off action). We love him to bits and pieces!


(Angel’s daughter) x Friesian
7 years old

Carries up to 85kg

Wonderful sweatheart, super well behaved. Neo sometimes calls her Blondie (to no fault of her own. She was bitten on the face by a snake and it seemed to have affected her brain a bit) She is so used to be prodding along as a beginners horse, that as an experienced rider, you will have to push her a bit. However, we use her for our longer rides, too. Not as “fit” as our lead arabs due to her being heavier and a frisian cross, but can be ridden by all.


17 years old
Carries up to 100kg

Our super girl! She has done years of trails, been retired, got bored and now is back in business. She is keen, can be ridden by all, feels like a steam train if you try to know better then she does! Tons of fun and super reliable. And no, you can not take her with you. Bred by Lyndsay, she is a family member!


Cross breed
30+ years old
Carries up to 70kg

This lovely old man will not go out without Sophie, nor will he stay at home if the love of his life goes out on a ride. Believe it or not, he jumps his height from a stand still. This must not worry you, as he will stick to Sophies hip. He willl babysit you.

For the Intermediate to Experienced Rider

(Al Diya aka Handsome) Ransom

Arab, 11 years old
As any well build arab, he can carry loads of weight, but as a trail horse we restrict him to 75kg

This stunning boy is probably our bravest boy. At the moment everything is still an adventure to him. Brilliant for the long distance rides. Reliable, yet an arab. Bored on the beginner trails, a clown at the best of times, a character that will make you laugh constantly. He just wants to have fun.

Franky,levelheaded horse, for the indermediate to experienced

Nooitgedacht cross
7 years old
Carries up to 60kg

After Franky was backed, I was his only rider for over a year, he knew exactly what I was thinking and became my favorite riding horse! From the first client we put on him, he started to figure out what he can get away with. Doesn’t spook, nor buck, but if you are not energetic, he will prod along and eat, rather then show you what he is worth. Laid back, but super comfy and awesome on the long rides.

We rescued him when he was 1.5 years old.

Strawberry Shortcake aka Berry


Appaloosa, 9years old
Carries up to 75kg

Berry is a “tricky” character. She just can’t “read” most of her riders energy and therefore can go 2 ways. She can either behave as if she is an arab, be forward going, energetic and even throw a little buck in a canter, or she can have the skin of an elephant and not react to you at all. However, if you give her a chance, especially on the long rides, you will fall in love with her! (I know I make her sound super bad, which she isn’t. She is a fantastic horse, super comfortabe, but not happy as a trail horse and on our SALES list.)

Sun Chaser

11 years old
Carries up to 75kg

Mmmh, so this boy has a story to tell…. he came to us as livery and project horse just before lockdown – and boy, did he change! From not being able to be caught in the field, to not trusting, he has come a long way. It took Chaser a while to calm down, but by now makes an awesome riding horse. He is for the experienced client that is confident.

Guide horses


14 years old
Carries up to 75kg

Sherlock is very opinionated and doesn’t like young riders and will put you to the test. A highly intelligent boy with a loving nature. Only suited for experienced, yet gentle riders. Mostly ridden by my son and guide, Neo. Sherlock is a rescue, too.


10 years old
Carries just me

Ok, so this boy originally was meant to be a clients horse, but I fell much too much in love with him (and I do deserve my very own riding horse). Sensitive soul, in nature and as a ride, brave but silly and often explosive and the biggest bounce I ever rode! Definitely makes me a better rider!


Saddler cross Frisian
17 years old
Carries up to 75kg


17 years old
Carries up to 75 kg

Kiara is an odd mare (her breeders called her the witch). Highly intelligent, but hormonal and moody. Used to be my lead mare, but I got here and there stuck with her on a trail, as she just didn’t feel like it. Now she is mostly standing, being a horse, or used for my private rides.

(This next bunch are still youngsters, so not used for riding at all yet)

Saddler x arab


5 years old about to be backed.

By the way, his mom was one of my favourite horses, a total beauty and his das is hell-of-a-boy.

Pale Ale

born 02.09.1918 (mom Lucy)

sire (dad) is Arthur



born 16.10.1918 (mom Kiara)

sire Arthur


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From PLETT or Knysna's direction head west on the N2 towards WILDERNESS, 20km past Sedgefield and 3 km before Wilderness, just after the Caltex service station on the left is a turn off to the right HOEKWIL, take this road for 19 km, up a small pass, past Hoekwil town to BEERVLEI where you will see the Black Horse Trails sign.

From GEORGE or Mosselbay's direction head East on the N2 towards WILDERNESS, 3km after Wilderness on the left is a turn off to HOEKWIL, take this road for 19 km, up a small pass, past Hoekwil town to BEERVLEI where you will see the Black Horse Trails sign.
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